"Music is Faith Floating Along The River of Prayer"
(The Rev. Benedict Reid,  OSB)

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Updated Monday, April 7, 2014
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New Piano Album Release!
Title Track "Aspiration . . . to be like Jesus" by Bob Getz
Bram Rader at the piano

Available at The Salvation Army Music Department Philadelphia
(215) 787-2800 $15.00
Listen to Bram's sensitive playing of
"Aspiration . . . to be like Jesus" by Bob Getz


 To be like Jesus, this hope possesses me,
  In every thought and deed, this is my aim, my creed;
 To be like Jesus, this hope possesses me,
  His Spirit helping me,
like Him I'll be.
 words: John Larsson, tune: John Gowans

Orchestral Suite"Prophecy Fulfilled
Almus Dykkman and The Studio Orchestra (click to play)

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CHRISTmas Eve 2009 LIVE performance of the premier of
Prophecy Fulfilled by Bob Getz
  (Just Click & Listen!)
Newaygo Congregational United Church Of Christ Chancel Choir
Barbara Getz - Choirmaster
(The piece was written for and is dedicated to this fine choir and
its WONDERFUL leader.)

Play my latest march in the brass band catalog
Indiana Youth


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"ASPIRATION . . . Anecdotal snapshots of genius"
The Life and Music of Dr. Emil Soderstrom

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Hi!   I'm Bob Getz  
 . . . and I want to dedicate my next musical composition to you!  

        The great J. S. Bach placed three letters atop many of his scores, I.N.J., indicating that his music was dedicated to the Glory of God in The Name of Jesus.  He wrote a wondrous work called A Musical Offering.  Taking his dedication and the title of that work, we named our humble service INJ Offerings.   We dedicate not only our music but our entire being to the service of King Jesus . . . just as Bach did.  I'm interested in helping you or your church with the musical aspects of your worship of God in Christ Jesus.   

      If you need special music for any occasion or any medium, I am here to help.   I am especially fond of the tough challenges faced by smaller churches and musicians with limited experience and financial resources. 

        I write strictly in the classical or concert-music style (sorry, no jazz, rock or praise-and-worship venues.)  I studied music in the old Master/Apprentice system at The American Conservatory of Music, primarily under the late Irwin Fischer. I've been composing and arranging music for worship for over fifty years.  My craft is very secure and I can tailor music to meet the specific skills of your people.   I have many existing titles for piano, voice(s), choir, Band (brass and concert, ensembles, instrumental solo, bells and organ catalogued on this site and more on file for you upon request. However I can write convincingly for any size or type of ensemble to meet your specific needs.   My music has been performed and recorded here and abroad.

        Like Stravinsky, I wish to leave the writing of "ordinary music" to those who enjoy listening to it . . .    Consequently, our music doesn't sound like everyone else's.   We strive for freshness of concept, structural integrity, and ready accessibility for listener and performer.  (To see if I've met this challenge, see our "comments" section by  Clicking Here!)   Please listen to some of my work on this site and tell me if you feel I've accomplished these things for you (e-mail me at  bobgetz@injofferings.com Thanks!)   In any event, it will be a mad dash for me to compose all I can before I decompose . . . 

        All works come to you in professionally published format (see photo below) accompanied by a computer generated CD to allow your musicians to become familiar with new sounds, tempi, etc. I can work using your favorite hymns or write original works to suit your needs.  I am comfortable and competent writing in styles ranging from Bach to Bartok and beyond. 
I have done work for such important denominations as The Salvation Army, among many others. 
 Yes, you can afford my fees . . .  I'm in this to Praise The Lord, to make people happy, and to enjoy life in the process.   I'm most certainly accomplishing the latter . . .

        I was recently commissioned to write special music for a Martin Luther King Day celebration in Arizona. Using Negro Spirituals, I created a nonet for brass called . . . And Not To Yield"named after the end-passage of Tennyson's epic poem Ulysses.   It is dedicated to Ken Davis who  commissioned it.   Ken's a man of few but profound words.   Here's what Ken had to say:

"Timeless music!""Ken Davis
 Listen to Ken's piece here!

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