God Uses Rascality!
A Personal Confession . . .

    In attempting to break into the world of composing at a late time in life, after accumulating a substantial body of work, I created an identity called INJ Offerings under which to market my compositions - this web-site resulted. I committed all of my work to the glory of God in The Name of Jesus . . . INJ Offerings.

    In my efforts to break into this rather cloistered fraternity of composers, I was strangely driven to contact a specific man. Why him, I didn't know (but I do now!). We had some friends in common, but I knew nothing more of him. I was looking for a commi$$ion. I got a warm and pleasant "sorry Charlie" response, stating that all available commission money had been allocated . . . to a friend of mine.

      Hmmmm . . .

    My mischievous brain went to work and a plan crystallized. I could break in while tweaking my pal the other composer a little in a good-natured way. I knew when his piece was due, and how he writes, so I set about to write something of high quality, very relevant to the history of the potential client, to do it earlier than my pal, and to offer it for free. Marketing, after all, means meeting the needs of the customer . . .

    I accomplished my task with good results, at least musically speaking. The piece is sound and captivating. It is even filled with good humor to the point of being "cheeky". I sent it off with high hopes but got a somewhat cool reception. Not to worry, he'll come to his senses . . . riiiight.

    All of the above not withstanding, I soon found out a little more about the targeted client. I found that he is a Christ-centered man. A good man. As time passed we got to know each other more and more and a solid friendship seemed to evolve. Before long we were brothers. Now I knew why I was compelled, dare I say "led"?, to seek him out.

    I don't know the fate of the piece I wrote for him. It must take care of itself. Like a mature child, I've turned it loose in the world.

    However, I GOT PAID!

    My commission is the beautiful gift from God of a brother in Christ Jesus. I expect my other friend will be paid in dollars, as he is a real pro. But I received something money can't buy, a musical/intellectual/spiritual soul-mate, another brother! God has a neat sense of humor and knows how to tweak the noses of rascals . . . like moi! What a loving and generous tweak!

    Thank You Lord!


(just me!)


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