CHRISTmas Suite - Prophecy Fulfilled - Orchestra: One each flute, oboe, clarinet Bb, bassoon, F horn, C trumpet, trombone, tuba, timpani & strings - Robert Getz

    The composer's intent is to lead the listener from the Old Testament prophecy of a sign from God, the Messiah to be born to a virgin (Isaiah 7:14, one of many), through the event itself, and to the joyous celebration of discovery. Consequently he chose O Come Emanuel, March of the Three Kings, Silent Night and Joy to the world - before, during and after. The journey calls for the piece to be linear (contrapuntal), as opposed to vertical (harmonic) in concept. The tunes accompany themselves in unique ways, which is intended to not only be musically interesting, but to draw one to the words of the carols - more importantly, their significance. The tiny event, in human terms, has caused us to account for time by it forever - so momentous was that night!

    The piece begins in the cold night of the desert and may, for some, intone a procession of monks chanting the age-old song of entreaty, O Come Emanuel, pleading for the manifestation of the Savior. Abruptly, the three Wise Men, Kings, see the Star and march resolutely toward it in full assurance that they are on a divine pilgrimage. The phrases "We Three Kings" and "Repeat The Sounding Joy" each are symbolically reiterated three times. The "march" ends abruptly as the three noblemen realize that their trek has ended in the wash of divine light from the Star. A fanfare fragment from the march (representing King Herod's nefarious mischief!) is now transformed into a lullaby accompaniment to Silent Night, the Holy Scene at the creche, as they worship the newborn King of Kings. The on-site celebration, which shall forever be known as CHRISTmas, begins with Joy to The World! The exit-overture features some of the motifs of the piece and ends with a final shout of "The Lord Has Come!" followed as Silent Night accompanies a high trumpet statement of Repeat The Sounding Joy! . . . which the composer prays that this piece accomplishes (especially in this horribly troubled world!) For two thousand and more years the King Herods of the world have never finished with the Christ . . . but, even today come up short in trying to frustrate His divine reign.

God bless you! Bob Getz - CHRISTmas 2009

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