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        O Love That Wilt No Let Me Go -  This is a lovely art-song by my late and dear friend Emil Soderstrom on George Matheson's well loved words.   I have taken Emil's rather more difficult original (available from Salvationist Publishing and Supplies anywhere) and significantly simplified it.  Available for either solo voice or high/low duet.  Approx. 2:30
Listen to a simulated performance

        Battle Hymn -  A very straight-forward, simple and traditional arrangement of this patriotic favorite.  Approx. 2:45

        Grace -   Here we have a mysterious and tranquil arrangement (no bagpipes or "scooping"!) of the traditional hymn Amazing Grace.  This was first arranged as a wedding present for my niece Laura at whose wedding it was performed.  The original was for soprano voice, string quarter and French horn.  Since then it has been arranged to use either horn or trombone with piano or organ accompaniment.  Approx. 3:30     Play it in the original version (simulated)

        His Eye Is On the Sparrow -
This is a simple treatment of the beloved old song.  It can be provided in high or low voice versions with either piano or organ accompaniment.  approx. 2:40   Listen to a simulated performance

        The Love Of God  -  This is a simple treatment of the beloved hymn, with piano accompaniment.   Approx. 2:55

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