*    ALL items are individually priced in the Music Catalog (subject to change without

*    Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Those not wishing to use the music or keep it  may
      return it for a full refund (minus shipping and handling) or otherwise mutually
     agreed upon remedy.

*    The purchaser agrees by the purchase to not copy the music of INJ for any other
      purpose or any other party than originally purchased for, nor to loan it.
     original purchaser may make file copies to cover possible lost parts, etc., but only
     for that purpose.

*    The original purchaser may perform and record without limit and without fees so long as  full
      attribution to Robert Getz and INJ Offerings is included on all recordings and program materials. 

*    Every order will contain materials ordered and a reference CD  (MP-3 format) of 
      items ordered.  The CD is only represented to illustrate tempi, and the basic
      sound of the piece (absent artistic nuance), it is not intended for performance.  
      Parts and scores are on 67# Ivory paper with plastic binders where necessary. 

(purple clothe not included with orders . . .)

*     Any purchaser that produces a credible (best faith) recording of a piece
       purchased from INJ Offerings will receive a 50% refund of the net purchase price
      (minus shipping and handling) upon receipt by us of a usable recording. 
      In so doing, the purchaser grants rights to INJ Offerings to post that recording
      on its web-site at the discretion of INJ Offerings.

*     INJ Offerings shall make every good effort to ship all orders within five business
       days of receipt of payment.  In the event this is impossible INJ Offerings will
       make every effort to contact the purchaser to arrange a mutually satisfactory

*     COMMISSIONED pieces shall carry a courtesy period of six months' "exclusive
       use" for the commissioner unless otherwise negotiated.  Copyrights and
       Performance rights shall remain with Robert Getz and INJ Offerings unless
       otherwise assigned.    Commission prices shall be negotiated per piece, always
       with making music as the first priority . . . not avarice.

*     Re-Arranging fees (bringing an existing INJ Offerings piece from one medium
       into another) shall be priced according to the job.  Generally this will be priced at
       no more than four times the price of the original, including parts.

*     Our piano transcriptions of Salvation Army Brass Band classics are not for sale,
        but will be given as gifts for every $25.00 purchase of our other materials.

*     All terms and conditions are subject to posted change without notice.

       MAKE CHECKS TO:  
6198 Centerline Road
Newaygo, Michigan 49337-9052
(Sorry, NO credit cards).


        BRASS BAND items include one full score and 358 parts,  additional parts (regardless of number of pages) $2.00 each. 

        CONCERT BAND  prices include one full score and one each of the parts.  Each additional part needed is $2.00 and must be ordered with the score.

        ENSEMBLE/SOLO/VOCAL prices include one full score and one of each part.

        CHORAL music shall include one issued part at full price with additional parts at $2.00 each.

        KEYBOARD pieces shall include one working copy.

        HANDBELL pieces shall include one issued part at full price and $2.00 each for additional parts.       


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