Selected Piano Transcriptions of other composers: by Bob Getz
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A Carol Fantasy - Eric Ball first conceived this piece as a string orchestra piece for a conducting appearance with the London Symphony Orchestra in the 1930’s. It has since been adapted for brass band by Eric, for chamber orchestra (The White House Orchestra)  by Stephen Bulla and now for piano solo (also for four hands) by me. approx. 5:07, quite a challenge in at least one or two places, otherwise not difficult. Very reflective and beautiful uses of Normandy Carol (Away in a Manger), The Holly and The Ivy, Coventry Carol, and The First Nowell.

        Prelude & Fugue - Arise, My Soul, Arise!  - Sir Dean Goffin wrote this unique masterpiece when he was but a Captain in The Salvation Army in 1958.  He wrote it as a festival piece for brass band.  There is nothing like it in the literature in either style or quality.  I arranged it for solo piano at the request of Karen Krinjak, to whom it is dedicated.  Click to read about it    Hear it on Piano!    

        Selection (medley) The Call –  Erik Leidzen’s masterpiece of musical craft and spiritual thought can now be reinterpreted via this piano transcription from his brass band score. Come with Thy Sin, Softly and Tenderly, What Shall the Answer Be? are sublimely woven into a tapestry of musical perfection and irresistible spiritual invitation, approx. 4:15, difficult.  Dedicated to Colonel William H. Scarlett. Listen to "The Call"

    Selection (medley) Constant Trust – This is a perennial band favorite by the great Eric Ball. Like his friend Leidzen, he wondrously weaves together Trust and Obey, The Cross Is Not Greater Than His Grace, and Simply Trusting, to create a musical/spiritual amalgam of prodigious beauty and depth. approx. 7:30, quite difficult.  Dedicated to Colonel Victor Danielson.

    Meditation Just As I Am – Wilfred Heaton crafted this band masterpiece over half a century ago and it is as new today as then. Any musical materials in his hands take on a  patina that is original, challenging and wondrous. It is meant to be played on piano as readily as for band. approx. 4:45, not very difficult.   Dedicated to Dr. Billy Graham.  This item available from The Salvation Army Trade department, 440 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY 10994

    March Praise! – Again Wilfred Heaton strikes with a freshness that is rare. This march contains an old Salvation Army tune Praise O, Praise Him! ergo the title. It is a great piece by any standard and in any medium. It may be the most popular march in Salvation Army history! approx. 3:20 and very difficult.   Dedicated to Phil B. Catelinet.    Click to Listen to Heaton's  masterpiece march

    Meditation Serenity – Eric Ball first wrote this treatment of It Is Well With My Soul for a church band in The Netherlands, later it was published for Salvation Army bands. It is well titled and when well played it inspires the noblest of spiritual aspirations. approx. 4:25, moderately difficult.  Dedicated to John Ferriera.

    Tone Poem - The Shadow of The Cross - Sir Dean Goffin was but a Cadet at The Salvation Army Training College when hew wrote this immortal meditative masterpiece - over half a century ago.  It remains as fresh and challenging today as then.  I wrote this transcription for and dedicate it to my brother Jack C. Getz.  What greater thing could two brothers share?  Read More About It!     Hear an MP3 of it!

     Star Lake, by Eric Ball, remains one of brass banding's most beloved marches since 1939 when he penned it at that great Salvation Army camp.  Having the original manuscript of that march is one of my delights in life.  I transcribed the piano solo directly from that precious manuscript.  It is easier than it sounds for piano and will delight any audience. 
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    The King of Kings, for solo piano!   Eric Ball's seminal masterpiece. I attest that this is his greatest work, and that it has yet to see a totally fulfilling performance.  Perhaps that performance will take place on piano, Eric's own instrument.  Time will tell.  God bless you!   Read About This Masterpiece     Play The King of Kings on piano

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