Piano Solo (playing, excerpt of Treasures prelude below)

Selected Hymn arrangements by Bob Getz:  
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    Aberystwyth - A simple fugue-like treatment of this good tune. approx. 1:40,
Have a Listen!     View a part of the score

    Abiding Presence – Moderately difficult, approx. 3:30, a meditation on Abide With Me with Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow interspersed, big ending.  Also available for brass band and for organ solo.)

    Afirmation –  An easy meditation on Day By Day, approx. 2:10, a fresh look at a beloved old tune.  Dedicated to Wesley D. Morris.

    Aspiration –  An easy flowing treatment of To Be Like Jesus, approx. 2:20  Dedicated to Barbara Jean Jennings Getz.    Play this piano solo

    Ataraxies  – An easy and flowing rendering of Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus approx. 2:40   Dedicated to Barbara Jean Jennings Getz.    You can listen . . .

    Blessed Assurance
– Emil Soderstrom’s transcendently beautiful treatment of this favorite hymn is available in two versions. One is the original which is very difficult and contains some tremolo passages that are period-specific and now out of vogue. However, they can be made effective if a triplet pattern is applied. I have crafted a much simpler version, absent the cadenza material, tremolos, and huge fist-full spans. It only misses the virtuoso aspects of the original. Very moving. approx. 5:51

       Communion - A French application of the hymn tune Spohr, approx. 2:00, moderately difficult.

    Contrition - A moderately easy, thought provoking meditation on St. Clements approx. 3:00  Dedicated to Valary Dobney.

    A Christmas Lullaby - Away In A Manger  - A gentle and easy treatment of the traditional tune.  approx. 1:45   Play it!

    Dawning - Modestly difficult arrangement centered on When You Know Him approx. 2:00  Dedicated to Colonel D. P. Leader.

    Dead Reckoning - A simple treatment of the tune St. Peter - In Christ There is No East Nor West, approx 1:20

    Desideratum - A Chopinesque yielding of My Desire To Be Like Jesus and I surrender All, all in about 1:30, moderately difficult.  Dedicated to Robert Ferrantelli.

    Emmanuel - A rather lyrical and transcendent statement of Silent Night, approx. 3:10, a little harder than it sounds.    Play it!

    Entreaty -  An ethereal interpretation of Sweet Will Of God, approx. 2:10   Dedicated to Herbert Hoskins.

    Exaltation! - Praise To The Lord The Almighty in a fugal style – approx. 2:27, moderately difficult.  Dedicated to Dr. James Didier.

    Floodtide of Redemption -  A thoughtful and slightly complicated arrangement of Come Thou Fount - technically easy but some concepts to overcome, approx. 2:40, thoughtful, triumphant and a pensive ending.  Dedicated to Henrietta Van Meekeren.   (Click here to listen to it)  (will take a few minutes to load)
    Fuga Sereno - A contrapuntal treatment of the tune Repton - Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind, approx. 2:20, the modest difficulties can be worked out with practice.  Dedicated to Becky Roberts.

    FuguEwingEwing is the subject of this little fuguelike piece of approx. 1:20, not very difficult.   Dedicated to Dr. Robert Lodine.

    God’s Mercy - Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone, The Cross Is Not Greater Than His Grace and just a hint of Take Up Thy Cross comprise the substance of this challenging look at The Passion of our Lord, approx. 2:36 this is a graphically descriptive piece, rather challenging (sometimes chilling) to the player and listener.   (Click here to listen to it)  (Will take a few minutes to load)

    Gratitude - Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul is featured here in a simple and placid way, approx. 2:40  Dedicated to Barbara Jean Jennings Getz.

    Invitation - Come Into My Heart, Lord Jesus is the theme of this “music box” piece of very little difficulty, approx.1:41   Dedicated to Jean C. M. Getz and Robert C. J. Getz.

    Love’s Descent - Spirit Of God Descend Upon My Heart is hauntingly depicted here, easy to play, approx. 2:50   Dedicated to Dr. Paul Satre.

    Majesty - My God, How Wonderful You Are is a challenging thought as is this piece, approx. 3:08  Dedicated to Janice Overzet.

    My Heaven - My heaven is a beautiful but not well known song by the Salvation Army composer Emil Soderstrom, hopefully this Stephen Fosterish treatment will afford it more hearings, approx. 2:00

    Passecaille - This treats the tune French - How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds in a haunting and tense arrangement which ends in serenity, approx. 2:20, moderately difficult.  Dedicated to Barbara Roberts.

    Petition - Thy Will Fulfill In Me, Lord is treated in a dark, Wagnerian way in this thought filled but easy piece, approx. 2:40

    Precious Name - Precious Name - Take The Name of Jesus With You is herein in the style of Erik Leidzen, approx. 2:35, moderate difficulties.    Play It!

    Quietude - This is not a difficult piece and is quite reflective on the tune Fewster approx. 2:00   Dedicated to Eileen Poole.

     Refuge - Beneath The Cross of Jesus, is here intertwined in unusual arpeggios approx. 2:40, moderately difficult.  Also available for organ and as instrumental solo.    Play Refuge

    Reverie - Let The Beauty Of Jesus Be Seen In Me is treated as a gentle landler, approx. 2:10, easy but with some artistic possibilities for the accomplished player.  Listen to it with a click

    Sonrise - This is a somewhat eerie treatment of Amazing Grace, perhaps intoning thoughts of large bells wafting across the hills, approx. 3:50

    Prayer Study - I Kings 19:12 -  This is a most introspective treatment of Spirit Of The Living God, intended as much for the performer as for an audience, approx. 2:01, easy to play, hard to get right.  I guess I wrote this for me and for anyone who plays it.

    Sufficiency - Sandon - Though thunders roll and darkened be the sky, is adapted to Beethoven’s Pathetic Sonata, second movement, approx. 2:52, moderate difficulties.   Dedicated to Brigadier Nellie Getz.

    A Suppliant Spirit - The Salvation Army tune Slater, is used in this Chopinesque arrangement, approx. 2:30, rhythmic challenges but little else.   Dedicated to Brigadier Robert Jacob Getz.

    Transcendency - This is an original tune that is simply meditative, approx. 1:34 only slight difficulties of span.   For Eric.

    Transmigrating Love - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross is treated contrapuntally, with a rousing ending, approx. 2:40, mild difficulties.  Dedicated to Byron Welch.

    Prelude Treasures - The first four notes of this make up most of the chords and arpeggios in this tough little handful based on Royal Oak - All Things Bright and Beautiful.  This was written as a tribute to my wife's Great Aunt Jean Davis, who was "bright and beautiful" - approx.1:32    Click to play Auntie's piece

    Fugue Treasures –  This moderately difficult but intensely thoughtful fuguelike piece is a companion to the prelude, based on the same tune.  It was written for Barbe's Great Uncle, Dr. Donald Davis, a grand man in every respect.  approx. 2:32   Click to hear the Doctor's piece

    Unshackled - This is a thoughtful and lyrical treatment of Lord, With My All I Part, approx. 2:20, only difficulties are rhythmic.  This was written for Bill Himes in his darkest hour.

    Whispers of The Heart - Love At Home and When He Commeth, are tenderly treated here, approx. 2:00, medium difficulty.   Dedicated to Brigadiers Nellie and Robert Getz.

    Yearning -  Unusual “horn fifth” arpeggios embrace Teach Me How To Love Thee, approx. 2:36, memorization solves the modest conceptual difficulties here.  My life-theme.

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God Bless You!

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