Selected Original Concert Pieces by Bob Getz:  Priced as marked.  Please see:

     Allegro Jubiloso!   Approx. 1:20, very difficult, it is as the title implies, a bit Brubeckish and a lot Puckish!  5/8 and 7/8 times throughout.  This is lovingly dedicated to Frances and Alan Wetter.   $6  Buckle up and ride this little rascal!

    Cossack Dance  Approx. :40, moderately difficult, but just fun.  $3   Have fun listening!

     La Marche de les Obscurites Perpetuelle   Approx. 2:10 This is a weird little French thing that is quite entertaining. Not too difficult.  Dedicated to Colonel Victor Danielson.  $6

    Prelude X   This is a short little challenge that I wrote for myself to encourage independence between the two hands. It is in two keys, Db in the right hand and C in the left and the motifs crisscross between hands ergo the name X approx. :40 Not as hard as it sounds, but every bit as weird! fun.  $2  
Click here to listen to the little rascal!

    Sonata - Approx. 7:00. Three movements. Rather Bartokian and spiky. A real handful.  Dedicated to Dr. Leo E. Heim.   $12   Click & listen . . . if you dare!

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