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         Nativity Potpourri   -  (Here arranged for one high instrument and two low with piano.  Please see sextet to listen)  This is a gentle medley superimposed on suggestions of Wagner’s Christmas piece Siegfried Idyll. Woven into that tapestry are fragments of Away In A Manger (two different tunes), Deck The Halls, Silent Night, Joy To The World, Intrada, and O Little Town Of Bethlehem. It is every bit as tender as Wagner’s masterpiece. It is as though the tunes are being played somewhere else and the breeze wafts a little of this one, then that, in a lovely fragmentation that leaves very little out. approx. 2:30, not difficult.  Dedicated to Robert Christian Jennings Getz.  Single item.

        March – Resounding Joy!  One high Bb, two low Bb’s and piano. Symphonically based on the phrase “repeat the sounding joy” from Joy to the World, it also incorporates bits of Good King Wenseslas, not very difficult once the concept is understood, approx 2:10, just a good Christmas frolic.   Click and hear it!

        Duet - Silent Night  For one treble instrument and one bass clef with piano.  This is a serene, pastoral, contrapuntal treatment of the traditional favorite song.  Not very difficult.  Approx. 3:15   Hear it with Clarinet and Bassoon 

 Trombone trio (unaccompanied) Who Is On The Lord's Side?  - Emil Soderstrom   This dates back at least fifty years in my experience.  Emil gave it to me when he was running a little music business on the side while he was Head Staff Arranger for NBC.  He called the business Evangelistic Specialties and employed Victor Hedgren to work with him.  This is one of three manuscripts for trombone trio that may well exist nowhere else.  It is of moderate difficulty, featuring some interesting contrary-motion glissandos with a sort of machinegun figure emerging, and takes about 2:20 to perform.   Have a Listen!       

        Trombone trio (unaccompanied)  O Zion Haste    - Emil Soderstrom    This is one of three trios Emil gave me over fifty years ago.   Other than the first trombone being rather high throughout, it offers few difficulties and has a rather arresting introduction.  Approx. 3:30      Read More About Dr. Soderstrom

        Victory Through Grace  -  Emil Soderstrom - Trombone trio (unaccompanied)  This is arguably the most difficult of the three trios resurrected from "death by filing cabinet".  The first trombone part has but about 25 notes that are not above the staff!!   It is well worth the effort in terms of real music contained in the piece.   approx 3:50

        Trombone trio - Wonderful Grace - Earl Stubbs  -  Earl was a Salvation Army officer in Chicago who also wrote music for the old favorite radio show, Don McNeil's Breakfast Club. Written on the song Wonderful The Matchless Grace of Jesus, this was created in the 1950's for a trio of Salvation Army officers that used the title The Heralds.   It is perfect for an evangelistic meeting and will have them singing in the isles of the tent.  Lots of triple tonguing and joyous pizzazz!   Approx. 3:50, moderately difficult.  Piano accompaniment. 

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