Organ   Each piece $6 unless otherwise marked. Please see:

    Abiding Presence Moderately difficult, approx. 3:30, a meditation on Abide With Me with Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow interspersed, big ending.  Also available for piano solo or brass band.

     David's Pastorale  - This by Dr. Emil Soderstrom, adapted for organ from his brass band masterpiece Song Of Israel by Robert Getz.  This is transcendent music based on the tune Leoni - "God Of Abraham Praise".  Medium difficulties, approx. 2:20. (Listen to the band version on "Glimpse of a Genius" link on home page.)    Hear it on reed organ 

    Exaltation!  - This was originally written for piano, but makes a natural organ solo as well.  It is a contrapuntal piece of no significant difficulties and is based on the beloved Praise To The Lord The Almighty.  It ends with a shout of "Praise To The Lord!"  Also available for piano solo. Click and Praise The Lord!    View a bit of the score

    Transmigrating Love - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross is treated contrapuntally, with a rousing ending, approx. 2:40, mild difficulties.  Also available for piano solo.   Click here to play it (may take a few minutes to load)

    Refuge  -  What better refuge could we have than Beneath The Cross of Jesus?  This little piece started life as a trombone solo, then became a piano solo and now finds it way to the king of instruments (available in all three formats.)  Only modest challenges.  Approx. 2:40  Also available for piano.
Play it on organ

    Sweet Hour Of Prayer - This great hymn arrangement for band by Erik Leidzen is now available for organ, a match made in Heaven.  Not difficult - approx 2:00

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