Lt.- Colonel Norman Bearcroft (R)

        No person in Salvation Army brass band or vocal music history is more respected and loved than Norman Bearcroft.  Among his numberless distinctions, he was founder of both the International Staff Songsters and the Canadian Staff Band of The Salvation Army.  His vocal work has been compared to that of the late Robert Shaw and his band work was always given the highest praise by none other than Eric Ball.   Norman is a most prolific composer and arranger, with hundreds of compositions to his credit.  He was recently commissioned by The International Staff Band to write a solo for their principal cornet, Kevin Ashman.  The famous "Household Troops Band" (arguably one of the finest bands in S.A. history) did an entire album of the Colonel's music as a tribute to him - "Troops Salute".  His music is played, sung and recorded the world over.  He has had published a vast quantity of music within The Salvation Army (a most discriminating market, to be sure!)

            INJ Offerings  is most pleased and proud to affiliate with this long-time friend and colleague and to offer his musical services to a broader constituency.  He is retired and living in America and most willing to entertain commissions and to make his library available to discerning musicians.    Even more than for his beautiful music, Norman is loved as a gentle godly man.  Please inquire via:    God bless you!

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