What would "Pop" have to say?
What about Nana?

        Say about what!?   To begin, one must know who Nana and Pop are/were to understand or to care what they would say.  They are/were my parents, Brigadiers Robert and Nellie Getz of The Salvation Army.  Most of their fifty years as active officers in The Salvation Army were dedicated to serving young people through what used to be called life-saving units, meaning scouting groups for boys and girls of all ages.  Using these programs to captivate youngsters for Christ Jesus was the Mission of my parents lives.  A mission they fulfilled with distinction known round the world.  But that didn't matter to them . . . the spiritual well-being of their precious charges was all that counted.  Thousands were won for Christ through their dedication.

        When something astounded my Dad, "Pop", he's just shake his head and say "Gooooood night . . ."  For Nana, my Mom, it was almost like the "Where's the beef!" lady, a long and astonished "AUGHHH!!"

        The number of these pronouncements from Nana regarding anything became a sort of barometer of it's excellence.  The emphasis from Pop, did the same.

        Our daughter Jean is studying pre-med so she can become a doctor like the one she had, Dr. Donnelly.  She is also doing so because she wants to ensure that there will be no nurses like the ones in his office scaring the b'jeepers out of kids.   This is a loving thing and she is working very hard to serve those little ones who will come under her care.  Sound familiar?

        Jean Christiana Marion Getz was a proud member of the Michigan Honor Scouts who each year serve as Honor Guards for the Governor of Michigan on Mackinac Island.  She has become one of the adult leaders this year.  She took scouting as far as it could go, earning all the awards possible up to and including the coveted Gold Award (equivalent to the Eagle Scout for boys).   She has many other honors to her credit including academic awards and honors too many for her old peadoodle of a father to comprehend.

        The website is not large enough to contain the reactions that Nana and Pop would utter if they were still down here with us, but one suspects that the cubed "Aughhh!'s" and "Gooood nights!" are echoing all round Heaven. 

        As for Barbara, me, and Jean's maternal Grandma (joyously still with us pushing 90, and I MEAN "pushing it!"), we are in wonder and gratitude for the beautiful and caring children God has entrusted to us.  Thank you Lord . . . thank you Jean!

Jean Christiana Marion Getz


(Jean, shown above in herMackinac Island Honor Girl Scout uniform,
is now finishing Osteopathic Medical School at Michigan State University
. . . "gooooood niiiiight!)


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