The Pride Of Australia
March for Brass Band

A salute to the living testimony of Australia’s young Salvation Army bandsmen and women and dedicated to valiant leaders such as
Roger Stewart

    Using the most universally known of the Christian children’s songs, "Jesus Loves Me," I envision a Salvation Army youth band marching down the street joyfully intoning this simple but profound truth for all to hear. I have sought to rediscover the nobility of this neglected song and perhaps burnish a new patina of happy dignity upon it.

    The introduction arrests attention while preparing the listener for the tune to come in the first strain. Youthful trombones can have some real fun performing the glissandi while the basses run about with guileless vigor. The tone is jubilant as it should be when confessing this eternal testimony.

    When the chorus comes, there is a hint of "Evening Prayer" by Humperdinck in the background. This serves as an early trio.

      As the chorus finishes, the band steps out in youthful confidence to a rollicking texture which will return later in the march. The second time through it makes counterpoint with itself! This, in the closely related key: a minor third above tonic.

    The introduction returns in the tonic key, this time with suggestions of "Waltzing Matilda" in counterpoint to a phrase of "Jesus Loves Me". This leads smoothly into the last strain. Here everything heard thus far is combined in counterpoint: "Jesus Loves Me", glissando theme, running bass figure and the entire second strain . . . all at the same time!

    A brief celebratory coda brings the piece to a jubilant ending with bits of the verse and chorus in counterpoint and a final shout of "Amen!" If it brings a tap to your toe, a smile to your face and assurance to your heart, I will have achieved my goal.

    God bless you!                                     EXCELSIOR!
                                                    Bob Getz
                                                    Mothers’ Day 2009

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