Unsolicited praise for:

"Aspiration . . . Anecdotal Snapshots of Genius"

by Robert Getz

"Gratitude to Bob Getz for his painstaking record of a colorful, musically towering figure whose life, exploits and reactions make fascinating and often hilarious reading!" Lt.-Colonel Dr. Ray Steadman-Allen, OF (The Salvation Army's most celebrated composer)

"I read it from cover to cover . . . thank you, I feel I know Sodie . . . it's a masterpiece!"
Paul E. Bierley, author, historian and banding's great biographer of Sousa and others.

"Hard to put down . . . thanks for writing it!"  NY Staff Bandmaster Ronald Waiksnoris

"My Dad would have loved it. You caught his essence perfectly, flaws and all." Helen Comay, Emil's daughter

"This is unlike anything in the SA world!" Warren Swanson, Salvation Army Historian, Rockford, Illinois

"I especially think my mother would be thrilled to see him get his due!" Millie Croft, Emil's daughter

"Congratulations on a brilliant read and a well produced book. It is a fine and compelling insight into a quite brilliant mind." Andrew Blyth, The Salvation Army UK Music Editorial Department

"Thank you for writing the book. I have played the CD's many times!" Beryl Blad, lifelong friend of Emil, Rome, Georgia

"You blessed me with the Sodie book, and I am really grateful that you wrote it!!! I will treasure it." Steef Klepke, Viaardingen, Netherlands

"The book is brilliant!!! Thanks!!!" William Sprokkereef Rotterdam, Netherlands

"I was finally able to tear this wonderful book AWAY from my father . . . I can't tell you how much joy it brought into his life - a real treasure of memories for him." Steve Bulla, Staff Arranger, U.S. Marine Band, Washington, D.C.

"I admire your great work and will treasure the book." Erik Silfverberg, Danish Composer and musical heir to Soderstrom and Leidzen

". . . the Sodie book is an artistic masterpiece in every way. To look at it is to be charmed into reading it. . . . Sodie comes alive . . ."  Victor Danielson, Jr., Former bandsman, Chicago Belmont and Chicago Staff Bands


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