Comments & Endorsements

         As they say in the media, "this just in . . ."   When a beloved sibling says something nice, it is worth notice.  When a brother who is also a gifted artist and musician says generous and flattering things, one must savor it, share it, and and try not to cry.  I am humbled and challenged to write better music and to be a better man by the following (unsolicited) comments from my brother, Jack: 

       "Bob:   Your music is at once traditional yet unpredictable. Each piece is like a treasure hunt for the Soul of your spiritual values with absolutely no pandering for popularity.  How anyone can do that outside of inspiration and extreme commitment to their art I will never know.  I am proud of you.  Great work!   Jack"

       Of my brass nonet And Not to Yield, its commissioner, Ken Davis, had only this to say:    "Timeless Music! "    

       "What I like about your music is that every piece is an act of worship."

Bill Broughton
Internationally celebrated composer
and trombone virtuoso

    (The following speaks for Carol's playing mote than my music.)

     "When asked to perform an instrumental solo for a chapel service for 800 college students in Minnesota, I chose one of Bob Getz's meditative pieces. Although a euphonium solo was not what anyone expected, the chapel remained in reverent silence at the end. One student approached me as I left and said, "I closed my eyes and saw Jesus - thank you!" I was then asked to record a whole set of Bob's sacred solos for the college radio network, which it regularly aired across the nation, blessing many. His music will always be a part of my life - for it brings me to the feet of Jesus."

Carolanne Marquis
Executive Vice President
Keuka College
Well-known euphonium player

     "It's WONDERFUL!  My biggest enthusiasm is for your grasp of musical textures, which is splendid.  It gives a special kind of life to the music, a marvelous energy that it cannot have any other way.  But your music excels in other areas as well.  Your awareness of the vital interaction of vertical and horizontal elements in music is life-giving.  Thank you so much!"

Dr. Edith Borroff
Most distinguished composer, conductor, keyboardist,
musicologist, historian, author and pedagogue,
formerly with the State University of New York
Dr. Borroff won the 2005 Pinnacle of Achievement Award for composition from International Biographical Centre
Cambridge, England

    "Thanks Bob . . . refreshing, unique, delightful and inspired music!"

Dr. Sven Ljungholm
Central Connecticut State University

    "Dear Bob, good to hear from you. I think what you are offering is a real ministry and I hope you get lots of response."

Ray Steadman-Allen, Lt.-Colonel, O.F.*
Brass banding's most prolific and distinguished composer.
Former Head of The Salvation Army's
International Music Editorial Department, London
*2005 recipient of the worldwide Salvation Army's
most prestigious award, "The Order of  The Founder"

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