Choral  All items $8 unless otherwise marked extra copies @ $3.00.  Please see:

       Amen (TTBB) -  This miniature is but 1:15 long, but is a serene and ethereal ending for anything calling for an "amen".  It is here set for male voices in six parts, with an appropriate tip of the hat to my teacher's teacher Zoltan Kodalay.  It is a tough little number because of the sustaining intonation challenges. Click here to listen to a not very good synthesized recording:  Listen to "Amen" (will take a few minutes to load.)

        Harvest Home Chorale (TTBB) - This Male Voice setting is an adaptation of one of Grieg's piano pieces, Op. 12, No. 2, "Vaterlandisches Lied.  It is well suited to male voices and offers interesting opportunities for use of bells, trumpet or other means of intoning the only needed "accompaniment" in the introductory bars.  Approx. 2:30

        Intercede, O Lord  (TTBB) - This is a male chorus adaptation of Wilfred Heaton's stunningly beautiful setting of the most moving and penetrating words of K. Tout.  It is a challenging bit of work, well worth any effort expended.  Best done a-cappella.  Approx 3:35.

        Divine Healing (SATB) - this is an original a-cappella setting of Albert Orsborn's words "Say but the word, Thy servant shall be healed".  Piano and small chorus.  Approx. 2:00       

        Joy To The world!  (SATB) - This little piece is accessible to any ability level of voice or keyboard.  It is full of driving energy and joyous pizzazz.    It was commissioned by a little choir at Fremont Christian Church.  Piano accompaniment - Approx. 2:00   Listen to it!

        O Come, Immanuel (SATB)  - Commissioned by a tiny choir at the Fremont Christian Church, this treatment of the 8th century Gregorian chant is accessible to virtually any group.  It has an "authentic" feeling and the organ accompaniment lends to this.  The organ introduction shares the sobs of an exiled people. Approx 2:30  Listen with a click

        Power Of The Spirit (SATB) - Using the tune to "Faith Of Our Fathers" and Victor Ottaway's words "Make Me Aware of Thee, this is an easy setting for small choir and piano.  Approx. 2:15.

       Psalm 23 (SATB) - This was commissioned in 1962 by Lt.-Colonel Carl J. Lindstrom for The Salvation Army Chicago Staff Choristers.  9 pages, SATB/piano, with some divisi's, approx 5:00 and moderately difficult.  Dedicated to Tom Gabrielsen.   Single comb-bound copy  w/cover and reference recording $8, 15 bound copies w/1 reference recording $90, 30 or more bound copies w/1 reference recording $5 each (client reproduction and binding agreements available for higher quantity orders).   Click for Computer Rendering

        Quiet Place (SATB)  - Here John Oxenham's wonderful words "'Mid all the traffic of the ways" find a comfortable home under the tune Lloyd.  This is an easy setting for small choir and organ.  Approx. 1:45.

        Stillness  (SATB) - The Sebelius tune "Finlandia" married to the familiar words "Be Still, My Soul" are made available for organ and small choir in and easy adaptation.  Approx. 3:00.

        Shepherd, Hear My Prayer (SATB) - This is a Psalm "Unto Thee Will I Cry - Shepherd, Hear My Prayer" adaptation setting by the late Ernest Rance.  Here it is for small choir and organ.  Approx. 3:34  

        The Good Shepherd  (TTBB) -  This was commissioned by my boyhood friend, Clyde Smith, who is the son of the late and great Bernard Smith.   It is based on the tune Crimond, and illustrates the 1650 paraphrase of the 23rd Psalm.  It was commissioned to be used as a send-off for troops leaving the US for active service overseas. 

        Thy Will  (SATB) - In October of 1973 I was invited to Chicago to discuss becoming the Music Director of The Salvation Army Central territory and the Bandmaster of the renowned Chicago Staff Band.  This was the second of three such requests, the first being by the late Colonel Douglass E. Norris, the last by the late Commissioner John Needham and this by then Major Ernest Miller and the Chief Secretary Colonel Henry Koerner, and the Band's Executive Officer, Colonel Carl J. Lindstrom (my beloved Bandmaster).   There has never been a position more suited to me or I to it, and I wanted to do this very much.  On the plane-ride back to Cambridge, Massachusetts, the words for this piece came to me and, as painful as it was to say "no", I knew that I was needed more at the Cambridge Corps (local church) as Bandmaster of that troubled group.  "Thy will be done" was all I could say, and all I could do. 

    1.   Dear lord,  Make me a vessel for your love:
            Pour out Your Spirit, Fill me from above.
        Once filled, Lord grant the I will always be
            A wholesome vessel, clean and fit for Thee.

    2.   Grant Lord, That I might ever stronger be;       
            To do the work that You have planned for me.
        O Lord, In working rightly now I see,
            That through my toil Your Spirit dwells in me.

    Chorus:    Humbly I come to Thee, In all submission;
              I seek the wisdom, Lord, Thy will to know.

         This is a French-sounding piece that slithers in and out of the tonic to a surprisingly satisfying end.  I believe some of the soul-searching I underwent made its way into the harmonic substance of this little song.  (It is available in a slightly different version at Salvationist Publishing and Supplies.)    Listen to it . . .

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