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        And Not to Yield - Arrests your attention from the start with glissandi and trills, leading into a counterpoint filled Swing Low, then Nobody Knows the trouble I've seen, this in counterpoint with Swing Low then Davy plays his harp in counterpoint with himself and with Swing Low! Then we brought to a meditative mood with Were You There simply and tenderly stated.  Then Joshua picks a fight at Jericho and wins as he shouts SWING LOW!  It is a rollicking and tender contrapuntal rhapsody on Negro Spirituals, meant to recall the ending of Tennyson's great poem Ulysses: "We are not now that strength which in the old days moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are, one equal-temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."   It was originally written as a nonet for brass, commissioned by Ken Davis for a recent Martin Luther King commemoration. It is available for brass band as well.


        A Shepherd Psalm -  A Meditative Pastoral - This was written for the Quincy Salvation Army Band and features two different tunes commonly used for the paraphrase of Psalm 23 from the 1650 Scottish Psalter - "The Lord's my Shepherd".   It gives glimpses of the dark valley, David playing his reed flute, the panic of frightened sheep, but mostly the comforting assurance that our Shepherd, Christ Jesus, is always with us.  Approx 2:50  Fairly easy.   (doubling of instruments makes it even more effective).    Meditate with the sounds by clicking here


Christmas Triptych:    Includes, Intrada, Pilgrimage, Idyll, Celebration!, & Nativity Potpourri

    I. Intrada   Based on Fairest Lord Jesus and Joy to the World this abstract fanfare paves the way for the Christmas Suite and Nativity Potpourri, or it can stand alone. Approx. :50, moderately difficult.  Dedicated to Barbara Jean Jennings Getz.  Single item.

    II. Christmas Suite (Single item - Dedicated to Jean Christiana Marion Getz)

    1. Pilgrimage   This unusual treatment appropriately treats We Three Kings using the pentatonic tonality. It depicts the star trek toward Bethlehem, complete with an interruption by King Harod. It leads seamlessly into Idyll. approx.1:50, not difficult technically.

    2. Idyll    This uses a cluster sonority on the tritone as a backdrop for an unusual treatment of Silent Night  in 4/4/ time! It is quite serene and pulls one out of the prosaic treatments of this lovely song, approx. 1:55, not technically difficult.

    3. Celebration!   Based on God Rest you merry, Gentlemen it is a frolicking dance that is so energy packed that it fairly bursts with exuberance. approx. :55, just fun, not hard.    Listen with a Click!

    III. Nativity Potpourri    This is a gentle medley superimposed on suggestions of Wagner’s Christmas piece Siegfried Idyll. Woven into that tapestry are fragments of Away In A Manger (two different tunes), Deck The Halls, Silent Night, Joy To The World, Intrada, and O Little Town Of Bethlehem. It is every bit as tender as Wagner’s masterpiece. It is as though the tunes are being played somewhere else and the breeze wafts a little of this one, then that in a lovely fragmentation that leaves very little out. approx. 2:30, not difficult.  Dedicated to Robert Christian Jennings Getz.  Single item.   Listen to it with a click!

       CHRISTmas Toccata   This is a rollicking and humor-filled exposition of I Saw Three Ships (both tunes in counterpoint!) with a humorous intrusion of The Navy Hymn – approx. 1:50, moderately difficult.    Click Here to Play it. 


        Star Spangled Banner This is a rousing treatment which attempts to reflect the words to the first verse . . . "bombs bursting", etc. It is not for the feint-of-heart as players, but will have the crowd appropriately on their feet.  Play the reference recording 

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