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    March – Resounding Joy!   2 cornets, horn, trombone and tuba. Symphonically based on the phrase “repeat the sounding joy” from Joy to the World, it also incorporates bits of Good King Wenseslas, not very difficult once the concept is understood, approx 2:10, just a good Christmas frolic.

    Chorale Prelude Wenn wir in hochsten Noten sein   This was Bach's last composition, written literally on his death bed just before he died.  He dictated it to his son-in-law!  The two sets of words associated with the chorale are When in the hour of utmost need and Before Thy Throne I Stand.  How fitting an end for such a life! Study of the construction will reap great rewards.  Serenity might be a good name for it. Not overly difficult other than the demands for sustaining through phrases.  Also available as brass band, quartet, and as a solo with piano or organ accompaniment. Approx.3:50.   Listen to the quintet!

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