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NOTE:    All of our regular brass band scoring configures to Salvation Army standards of: Festival (full band), General (cue options), Triumph (smaller bands) and New York (full band or small band with optional parts)  Journals.  We will write for the English contest band configuration only on demand for commissions.


        Alby - Tuba solo based upon "I Love To Tell The Story", written for and named after a dear friend who "tells the story" with his tuba.  It is available with piano or brass band accompaniment.  Meditative, and moderately difficult.   

    Meditation - Abiding Presence - Festival scoring, based on Abide With Me, medium difficulty, approx. 3:30, moody with triumphant ending.  Dedicated to my dear friend of many decades, Victor Danielson, Jr.   Also available for piano or organ solo.

    Ante Bellum Rhapsody - Dedicated to our beloved "Tante Maria, the power, grace and beauty behind "That Amazing Mr. Leidzen". This is a prequel to Leidzen's great "Post Bellum Rhapsody".  It delves into the attitudes of the period leading to the civil War.  Click here to read the complete score notes.      Play it with a click!   (Approx. 7:00 quite demanding

     March -  The Antiquary  - This happy "continental-circus-polka-march" is dedicated to my good friend and colleague from my days in Leonard B. Smith's great band, Sousa's biographer, Dr. Paul E. Bierley.  Paul was a mainstay on tuba whilst I held down the euphonium seat.  I tried to capture his happy, good nature in this march.  Read More About It!    Play it!  


     Flugel Solo - Balm In Flugeland  was commissioned by Steef Kleple of The Salvation Army Netherlands Staff Band.  It is quite difficult and features ever-so-slightly jazz feeling.  It is based on A Balm In Gilead and Sometimes I Fell Like A Motherless Child.  It features tenderness and joyous pizzazz.   It is also available with piano accompaniment.

     Meditation - Blessed Assurance - Salvation Army Eastern USA scoring, based on a piano piece by the late Emil Soderstrom, medium difficulty, approx 4:30, medium difficulty, rich classical beauty.      Read More About Emil

    Meditative Study - The Call of Christ  explores two old hymns: "Jesus calls Us; o'er the tumult", and "Come Ye Disconsolate".  It is a tribute to the late Bernard Smith.  It illustrates the plaintive beckoning of Jesus over the chasm human arrogance, indifference and desolation created when Jesus' call is ignored.  Mostly thin scoring and reflective moods, however the dynamic range is from ppp to ff.  Approx. 5:00, moderately difficult.  (see home page for full notes and MP3 reference recording).    Click And Listen    Click here for the whole story . . .

    Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals - Cavalcade of Courage - SA New York scoring (can be played with full or small band), features Little David, Swing Low, Nobody Knows, Were You There, Joshua Fit De Battle, Conceptual difficulties, approx. 5:20, some tender moments and some razzle-dazzle at the end.    Click for a listen!
    March - Chicago Belmont Corps (C.B.C.) - Emil Soderstrom - Triumph Series [small band with optional extra parts] scoring.  This march features the hymn tune Belmont but in 4/4  time! The march features a clever opening motive figure didactically using the notes C.B.C. for "Chicago Belmont Corps".  It is a moderately difficult classic Soderstrom march, approx 2:40, I commissioned this for a concert salute to Emil in 1967. It is good fun as is all of his music.     Read More About Emil   Listen to This Gem of a March!   Available from SP&S - Triumph Series, November 2006.

    Song Setting - Christ Is All  -  General Series scoring, based on Salvation Army song of the same name.  I used the playing of this simple tune to reward the members of the infamous Salvation Army Cambridge Citadel Silver Band for a job very well done.  I used it sparingly.  Bandsman Mark R. Keeler requested this arrangement in remembrance of those day of heroic service long ago - it is dedicated to him.  Not difficult, 3:40, ends with very touching unison vocal of the chorus.    Click and Meditate on Our Lord


    CHRISTmas Toccata - "Desert Fleet"   This is a rollicking and humor-filled exposition of I Saw Three Ships (both tunes in counterpoint!) with a humorous intrusion of The Navy Hymn.  "We Three Kings" are sent to the corner of the sand dune for impudent behavior!  - approx. 1:30, SA Eastern Territory Scoring, moderately difficult.   Listen to the scamp!

     March - Harvard Square - Open Air  - Festival Scoring, based on Salvation Army Song O Boundless Salvation, conceptual difficulties, approx. 2:40, modern use of quartal harmony and clusters, a satirical look at the battle for position between tradition and a new age world.  Dedicated to Brigadier Joseph Kittle.   Click to hear this quirky little march   (will take some time to load)

    March - Kids For Christ! - Scored for small band, this fun little march features Stand Up for Jesus and Count Your Blessings. It is just good fun and a good witness for young people to play. Not very difficult. approx. 1:20   (See Concert Band Catalog for sound link.)

    March - Lewisham - Emil Soderstrom - This is a typical Soderstrom march, with all of the dynamic challenges and details. It incorporates the tune Come Thou Fount. It is typically difficult and typically rewards the effort. approx. 2:40.   Read More About Emil


    March - The Pride of Australia - Triumph Series scoring.  This little march features the most well-known of Sunday School songs, Yes, Jesus Loves Me!   Prosaic as it is, the tune has true nobility.  The march is, deceptively, a tour de force of counterpoint that never intrudes upon the high-stepping good nature of the march.  Read more about it.  
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    Meditation - Simeon, Man of God - This was written as a tribute to a man of God close to me, my dearest friend and mentor, Irwin Fischer.   Moderately difficult, approx. 5:40.   Click Here to Listen     Click Here to Read about the Piece   
Read Mr. Fischer's biography


    Postlude On Ellers  -  I was walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago just before I was to move to Cambridge, Massachusetts to assume the position of Bandmaster of the renowned Cambridge Citadel Silver Band.   I was to meet my lifelong best friend and mentor, Irwin Fischer, for lunch at our club, The Cliff Dwellers, atop Chicago's Orchestra Hall.  It was a glorious day, tinged by the bittersweet reminder that these almost-daily lunch meetings would soon come to an end.  Nonetheless, the words "How wonderful it is to walk with God" and the tune Ellers came to  mind.  None walked more closely with God than did Irwin Fischer.  Bach's last chorale prelude also washed over me and Prelude on Ellers had all but written itself.  I pulled out my little musical sketchbook and jotted down some essentials and scurried off for a fine lunch with my dear friend.  I dedicated it to him as a farewell gift, which touched him deeply.  It is available from Salvationist Publishing and Supplies as well.  Available from SP&S.

    Postlude - Randolph - Festival scoring. The Anglican tune for "God Be With You" is the theme of this 2:00 postlude. It covers the emotions of such partings and ends in reverential quietude. It is not difficult but does require sensitivity.  Dedicated to Irwin Fischer.

    March - Resounding Joy! - Festival Band Scoring, symphonically based on the phrase "repeat the sounding joy" from Joy to the World, it also incorporates bits of Good King Wenseslas, not very difficult once the concept is understood, approx 2:10, just a good Christmas frolic which pokes a little fun at the ever-present parade marshal and his clipboard and whistle.  Dedicated to B/M Peggy Thomas.   Click Here To Listen

    March - Unshackled!  - Festival scoring, based on the Anti-Smoking Song of The Salvation Army and He Is Able To Deliver, conceptual difficulties (e.g. quintal harmony - based on fifths rather than the usual tetrian based on thirds, approx. 2:45, a fun look at a kooky old period-song from the Anti-Smoking League of the late 1800's.  Dedicated to The Cambridge Citadel Silver Band.    (Click here for a sound link)

    Warrior Requiem - That we May Remember - Festival scoring with male and female narrators, contains snippets of many old Salvation Army songs, quite difficult especially because of unfamiliar sonorities, approx. 9:45, a very deep, unusual and touching concert salute to departed heroes using traditional requiem sections but with a more triumphant Salvation Army perspective.  Dedicated to Brigadiers Robert and Nellie Getz. 

     Chorale Prelude Wenn wir in hochsten Noten sein  - This was Bach's last composition, written literally on his death bed just before he died.  He dictated it to his son-in-law!  The two sets of words associated with the chorale are When in the hour of utmost need and Before Thy Throne I Stand.  How fitting an end for such a life! Study of the construction will reap great rewards.  Serenity might be a good name for it. Not overly difficult other than the demands for sustaining through phrases.  Also available for brass quartet, quintet and as a solo with piano or organ accompaniment. Approx.3:50.


      Descriptive March - Wonderland Camp - Irwin Fischer - This is a wonderfully atypical march written for The Salvation Army's Central Music Institute (Central USA Music Camp) in the 1950's. It is based on a tune from the march with words by Sallie Chesham, "God is Guiding". It uses the "wonder" interval of the tritone to open the march, first in muted alto horn, then flugel, Bb cornet an finally soprano cornet in its upper range.  The introduction is intended to depict the sun coming up over the lake in the morning and the camp stretching-awake before the activities of the day take over in the first section.  In the final section the three themes are masterfully woven into counterpoint.  It is scintillating and majestic at the same time. It may well be the first piece to use the muted alto horn. It relies heavily on a solid solo horn player throughout (Fischer had the redoubtable hornist Howard Chesham to write for in those days.)     Check Out Mr. Fischer's Bio


    March -  Kids For Christ!  - This is a little march wherein the first theme is the kids' expression of Stand Up For Jesus, which is followed by the parents' response . . . Count Your Blessings.   It is pure fun, for small band, quite easy, approx.1:30.) (See Concert Band Catalog for a sound link of this.


      Scherzo - Two If By Sea  - This is a jocular romp through the midnight ride of Paul Revere.  Rule Britannia, The Royal Grenadiers, Yankee Doodle and even a confused bugler playing a mix of Reveille and Pop Goes The Weasel  are heard severally and in counterpoint (in more than one key!).  This is a bit difficult for band and conductor, but not for the audience. Approx. 3:20

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