Adaptation Of  Pieces:

     Since before the time of Bach, composers have adapted their own music and that of colleagues to new uses.  I regularly do the same.  If I have already gone to the effort of writing something for a specific use and find different resources at hand, why not adapt rather than starting over?

  There are many examples contained in our catalog.  Good examples can be found in our piano transcriptions of famous Salvation Army band pieces.  These were primarily done for myself, when I moved to the country and no longer conducted a Salvation Army band.  Why not bring the music to my living room via my Steinway? 

    On this page we will offer just a few examples of our own music in more than one medium.  We can adapt other pieces of ours (or yours!) to fit your needs.

    March - Resounding Joy!   This is the original format, for Salvation Army brass band, as in our brass band catalog.  Click to Play    Go to The Brass Band Catalog

   March -  Resounding Joy!   This is a fun little Christmas march written first for Salvation Army band and then adapted to several other mediums.  About 2:10, moderate difficulties. (see brass quartet catalog)  Click to Listen as a brass quartet    Go To Brass Quartet Catalog

    March -  Resounding Joy!   This was adapted for my family to have fun with last Christmas.  We used a clarinet, two trombones and piano.   You can hear it here for clarinet, two trombones and piano. (see other ensembles catalog)    Click to Listen!     Go To Other Ensembles Catalog

    Solo - Precious Name   I was commissioned by then Chief Secretary Lt.-Colonel Douglas Norris of The Salvation Army Central USA Territory to write a series of devotional solos for instruments with piano accompaniment.  I believe this was the first.  Since the Colonel told me to be "the Erik Leidzen of the Midwest" (a daunting challenge for anyone!) I elected to adopt some of Mr. Leidzen's stylistic features in this little treatment of "Take The Name of Jesus With You".  (see instrumental solo catalog) Hear it as a clarinet solo     Go To Solo Catalog

     Piano Solo - Precious Name   Here's the same piece adapted for piano solo. (see piano solo catalog)  Click to Listen     Go To Piano Hymn-solo Catalog

   Piano Solo  -  Exaltation!   This is the original version of this as composed for the retirement of Dr. James Didier, President of Judson College in Elgin , Illinois.  (see piano solo catalog)  Click to Play it!     Go To Piano Hymn-solo Catalog

      Organ Solo  -  Exaltation!    This was adapted for organ for Father Richard Terrill in Newaygo, Michigan.  
 Click and Praise The Lord!       Go To Organ Catalog

        Other examples abound on the site.  One example is Abiding Presence which can be found for organ, piano or brass band.  Likewise with Refuge, which began life as a trombone solo, then piano solo and finally found its way into the organ catalog.

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