A Prayer For Today

Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
Holy Spirit, friend and guide,
Incarnate Savior, Christ-Jesus, Lord,
Thank you for this beautiful world.

Trees and grass and cloud-filled skies,
Mountains, hills and flowers wild,
would be enough if they were all;
But you gave children to laugh and play
So bright and innocent and gay,
And sweet still dew as morning breaks ,
And wind and rain and hushed snowflakes,
And warming sun . . .

And quiet smiles, laughter sweet
and friendships dear, and love of mate;
Home secure, and meat and drink,
And sight and sound and minds that think,
Words and music and all things fine . . .

Most of all, thank You for time
To ponder well Your greatest gift,
The gift of grace which was a sign,
That we'd have life for all of time,
Grace that shaped a beautiful tree
To make a cross to torture Thee
Your pain has left our souls sin-free
Vouchedsafe us for eternity.

The thought of endless time with Thee
Is more than heart or mind can see,
So dear sweet Lord, content we'll be
Upon Your wondrous earth to stay
And live and play and cry and laugh
And claim the fruits of Calvary's wrath
Until that glorious promised day
When on a cloud we'll fly away
to be with You in endless day.

Dear Lord with honor and majesty due,
Awestruck by Your unwarranted Love
With minds o'rewhelmed by all You've given
We ask naught more than
"Thy will be done".

                                             c. 1995 ROBERT GETZ

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